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Pulpit Editorial – We Are Observing the Demise of America

Pulpit Editorial 5/24/19

We Are Observing the Demise of America

I am sad and frustrated. It appears that Americans can no longer self-govern. It appears that the majority of those who the citizenry elect is committed to preserving the power of the party. Now do not think that I am ignorant of history or the nature of the two-party system. Nor am I ignorant of the fact that there have times along the way when party prevailed over governing. However, those times tended to be single issue related and not the tenner of the of congress or a legislature. The general process has been hard negotiating by parties with differing philosophies who worked for the benefit of the nation.

This is no longer the case. In my own state there have been two issues in the legislature this year where the democratic side of the aisle simply voted as a block in order to stifle the initiative of the opposition. While there are many non- democrats relieved that one of those initiatives failed, the monolithic opposition, even in this case, leaves one wondering if those voting considered the desires of those they represent.

If a Democratic Republic is going to work, there must be two ingredients in the mix. There must be a common consensus that the governing must function Constitutionally for the common good and, secondly, that the integrity of the election process must be respected. Without these philosophical commitments, we cannot survive.

There is every indication that we have come to a governing impasse. A duly elected President and the election process by which he was elected are not being honored. At the same time, those who have formed a coalition to force impeachment proceedings by accusing the President of the obstruction of justice are themselves broadly guilty of both the obstruction of justice and the obstruction of governing.

Whether you are Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, there can be no way that you are able to justify the use of the FBI and the CIA to attempt to prevent the election of a President or to impede or to impeach him after he is elected. To do so is to destroy the rule of law. Without the rule of law America cannot survive.

America citizens are like all other human beings, imperfect. Hence, mistakes will be made. Unfairness will occur. However, America has provided more individual freedom, more individual opportunity, more individual wealth, extradentary health advancements and treatments and a host of other opportunities not available in the rest of the world, even western Europe. All this has been produced by a common consensus rooted in the Constitution which has enabled the philosophically different parties to forge a government that has been able to govern.

I am sad to see this die for it will be the certain death of this nation—the land of the free and the home of the brave. God have mercy! But, while I am sad to see mankind waste the good gift that God has bestowed upon America and much of the world through her, I am not despondent, but rejoicing because of the truth we will be studying this Sunday from II Thessalonians 2 where Paul warns us to anticipate such departure from the truth and to counter it by standing firmly in the truth strengthened by our Triune God.

Therefore, beloved, do not live in fear that our culture is self-destructing. Do not withdraw from speaking the truth into the culture. As we alluded it to elsewhere in Scripture, do not fear man who can kill you, but fear God who can cast one into hell. The Holy Spirit restrains evil, though he allows man and his culture to spin downwardly until the day God chooses to no longer restrain. But, be assured Jesus with intervene and crush the man of sin. You and I, our children or grandchildren may face severe persecution, but fear not. Man can take only this earthly life and Jesus will resurrect this body while in the meantime, it is absent from the body and present with the Lord.

Dr. Howard Eyrich

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