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Christianity Brings Rationality – 3-8-2019

Christianity brings rationality to life. At the present time America is moving away from its Christian roots and with this movement is becoming irrational. If one reads the Bible as a history book, it becomes evident that God does not erase the records of man’s stupidity, sinfulness, hatefulness and moral infidelity. Hence, God gives us a model of how to deal with historical data.

Here are several examples of increasing American irrationality. First, not ordinally, the President of the University of Notre Dame covers up the murals of Columbus in America. Here is his explanation: “We wish to preserve artistic works originally intended to celebrate immigrant Catholics who were marginalized at the time in society, but do so in a way that avoids unintentionally marginalizing others”[1]

Second, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently ordered the removal of the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson form galleries in the state.

Third, Mayor Bill de Blasio has recently commissioned a committee to review “all symbols of hate on city property.”

A picture of William Shakespeare was recently replaced with a photograph of Audre Lorde, a black feminist writer, in the English department at the University of Pennsylvania (OOP’s, what happened to the cardinal doctrine of academic freedom?). [2]

In the name of removing symbols of hate, the social justice crusaders model hate. This is what happens when a nation drifts from biblical theological moorings. They lose the ability to think. On the macro level this is no different than it is on the micro level. When a Christian man drifts from the Lord and becomes unhappy in his marriage concludes, “I know God wants me to be happy. Susie no longer makes me happy, but Sharon at work sure does. I need to divorce Susie so I can be happy with Sharon.” He distorts history and removes what no longer supports his desires. Rationality is sacrificed on the altar of desire.

Wake up church and parents! Teach young people to think biblically rationally else your country and your church will suffer demise. These movements come subtilty. Much of what we see in the monument bashing is the outgrowth of political correctness gone awry. And again, biblical rationality provides a framework for respect and kindness. But political correctness has become the Billy club of the social justice crusaders and in the process has become an instrument for them to practice hate against those they accuse of hate.

Dr. Eyrich



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