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Listen to the weekly worship service and sermons from Bryan’s pulpit.  

The hymnal we use is Hymns for the Family of God if you want to join along.

1-27-2019 Sunday Service – Bad Things Happen Quickly (Dr. Eyrich)

Sermon starts at 17:36. Bad Things Happen Quickly The plan to kill Jesus solidified 12:1-4 The precious ointment; The personal honor 26:6-13 The performance of…

08-26-2018 Sunday Service – Capturing Four Strategic Hills Part II (Dr. Howard Eyrich)

The sermon begins at 23:20. Sermon outline is below: Capturing Four Strategic Hills—Part II Matthew 12:22-37 Introduction: Politics has not changed I. The Occasion of…

08-19-2018 Worship Service – Capturing Four Strategic Ridges (Dr. Howard Eyrich)

Austin Allan McLaurin baptism starting at 4:45. Sermon begins at 27:00.