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1-27-2019 Sunday Service – Bad Things Happen Quickly (Dr. Eyrich)

Sermon starts at 17:36.

Bad Things Happen Quickly

  1. The plan to kill Jesus solidified 12:1-4
  2. The precious ointment; The personal honor 26:6-13
  3. The performance of the double agent 26:14
  4. The Passover transformation 26:17-30
  5. The Petrine vow of loyalty dismissed by prophecy 26:31-35
  6. The petition for an alternative plan 26:36-46
  7. The precipitation of a world-class critical event 26:47-56
  8. The prosecution of a rigged trial 26:57-68
  9. The prophecy that procures repentance 26:69-75

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