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08-26-2018 Sunday Service – Capturing Four Strategic Hills Part II (Dr. Howard Eyrich)

The sermon begins at 23:20.

Sermon outline is below:

Capturing Four Strategic Hills—Part II

Matthew 12:22-37

Introduction: Politics has not changed…

I. The Occasion of Taking the Impossible Hill 22-23
II. The Pharisees Attack 23-24
  A. Populace assessment infuriates the Pharisees 23
  B. Pharisees launch their attack 24
III. Jesus’ Logical Counter Attack 25-27
  A. The stupidity of a divided house 25-26
  B. The foolishness of your argument 27
IV. The Charge Took More than the Hill 28
  A. Jesus goes beyond the incident
  B. Jesus identifies his action as evidence of his origin
V. Implications of the Victory 29-36
  A. Assertion of intention 29
  B. Assertion of the battle lines 30
  C. Assertation of the application 34-37

Life Takeaways 34-37
First, because you are evil your words cannot be trusted 34-35
Second, spoken words are the criterion of justification or judgment because they reveal the heart and demonstrate a regenerate heart 36-37

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